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Tomato Trellis Plans

Tomato plants need some kind of support when they grow tall and develop fruits, to keep them from collapsing due to their own weight. At least the most popular kinds of tomatoes – you can probably get some types which don’t need this, but below you’ll find an example of such a tomato support trellis

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What Is The Best Tomato Spacing?

In this new place that I have moved to I’ve got this long, grey concrete wall, which by the way is awesome, because it’s going to fence off against the wind and provide support for tomatoes and cucumbers. The wall is almost entirely facing south, but 30 deg. towards east: I’m even tempted to try

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Tomato and Cucumber Plant Spacing

Planting three tomato plants in one grow bag creates a mess, although the self-watering boxes are prepared for three plants having three internal tubes reaching down into the water. When you’re dealing with cucumber plants it’s even too much with two plants in each grow bag: One cucumber plant in each grow bag is a

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