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Interview with Mike Higgs from Canada: We Like to Experiment

He has been growing fruits and vegetables for four years now together with his wife Joyce. They preserve part of what they grow in a root cellar and they even have enough to sell some of it at the local market. Propagation by seeds, cuttings and root division is a big part of their gardening

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How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes Review

This ebook on how to grow tomatoes is written by Lucia Grimmer and Annette Welsford. Lucia has a Masters Degree in Plant Pathology and works as a technical nutrition specialist in the fertilizer industry. Annette has a partial degree in Horticulture. For me as an amateur grower this puts some weight behind the 37,000 words

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Give Winter Thoughts to Summer Seed Saving

Photo by dawnzy58. This is a guest post written by Jenny. Check out her blog at http://seeded.wordpress.com. “It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s winter, and seed-saving season is over. No reason to think about it for at least another six months. Right? Wrong. Even if you don’t have bowls of dried seeds around that still haven’t

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