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Are Your Tomato Plant Leaves Showing These Symptoms?

Photo by jayneandd. We all want great tomatoes from our tomato plants, but often the plants are hit by diseases or pests and although some fruit develops wouldn’t it be nice to maximize the yield from each plant to get a killer crop, by curing the diseases or getting rid of the pests? The first

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Wind and Blight

I came out yesterday and found more of my corn plants loosing the battle against the heavy wind we are experiencing at the moment around here. The meteorologists say it’s not unusual at this time of the year but I’m noticing the wind because it’s damaging many of my plants, especially since I was convinced

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Back From Vacation

I took a week of vacation last week away from home and the garden. I was a bit worried what would happen if my garden was left by itself at the peak of the season. The weather turned out to be windy and wet (and so did my vacation 🙁 ), and below is a

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