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Self-watering Polystyrene Box for Tomato Plants

This is a fine spot for another self-watering box. This wall is facing south and the patio is surrounded by bushes, so the temperature will be high when the sun hits. Unfortunately, the concrete slabs are not level and I don’t want the self-watering box to break when the water is added. I will even

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Planting Hokkaido Pumpkin Seeds in Self-watering Boxes

Uuh, a present from 2019! I’m wondering what it is. Actually, I know: Hokkaido pumpkin seeds! And they’re very well preserved. Let’s find out what they’re capable of when they are exposed to a self-watering box. I’m planting three seeds in each hole to make sure I’m left with at least one healthy plant. Unfortunately,

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Getting Ready to Move

In about two weeks a new garden adventure will begin for me, as I’ll be moving to a new property together with my girlfriend and our two small kids. What’s new for me is that this time it’s a rented place compared to our current house, which I own myself. We had a brief talk

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