Thin Raised Bed for Potatoes

I found a stack of concrete blocks behind the shed when we moved in, so why not make a tall thin raised bed for potatoes.

Here’s the perfect spot, next to the shed:

Hard work to get all the weeds out of the soil, with a garden fork:

These things are heavy! The soil is easily compacted by using the weight of one of these:

The plan is to stack 4 of these on top of each other, to create a thin, tall raised bed, so it’s important that the soil is somewhat level:

I have put in a layer of soil mix beneath this perfectly chaotic mess of seed potatoes and sprouts from the fridge:

A layer of soil mix to cover the sprouting disaster:

It looks pretty neat and it’s ready for more soil and extra concrete blocks on top once the potato plants get going:

Adding water to activate the project:

It drains pretty well:

Perfect conditions for some heavy growth, once the sun starts to shine: