Tomato Spotting

This is starting to look like a small tree. Maybe I should have used a tomato specific fertilizer instead of a generic one.

The self-watering box is definitely delivering everthing the two tomato plants need – and perhaps a little more than that 😉 The box was actually nearly empty so I have filled it up again with water and fertilizer (25 liters / 6.6 gallons of water).

The main stem has grown way to big, so I’ll break it off near the top. This will force the plant to focus on fruit development.

There are a few fruits forming below all the big leaves. I would have expected that there were more fruits and that it would have happened earlier, but let’s see what happens during this month.

These smaller plants in pots seem to be further ahead when it comes to fruit development.

I’m looking forward to see the color change on these during the coming weeks! Looking forward to harvest!

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