Tomato Plants in Pots

I have several wire mesh supports that I have kept from previous years of gardening. They fit perfectly into the bottom of these plastic pots.

This is a mix of 50% soil from a growing bag and 50% compost from the recycling station. It has a perfect texture and I’m looking forward to see if the tomatoes will like it.

One Nemador tomato plant to go.

And, three more.

Now it’s easy to do a comparison with the ones in the self-watering polystyrene box. The two in the box are already looking healthy and growing fast.

Beneath the apple tree the potatoes are also looking good and growing fast. I have underestimated how good the soil is here, but of course the soil has been enriched by all the apples that have been composting here through the years.

There’s even a small flower being developed here. I’ll watch closely to see if it will turn into a potato fruit, that I can harvest for potato seeds.

The apples on the apple tree are still going strong. I’m starting to believe in a great apple harvest this year.

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