Self-watering Polystyrene Box for Tomato Plants

This is a fine spot for another self-watering box. This wall is facing south and the patio is surrounded by bushes, so the temperature will be high when the sun hits.

Unfortunately, the concrete slabs are not level and I don’t want the self-watering box to break when the water is added.

I will even out the surface but it would be better to use sand instead of dirt, but I don’t have any sand available.

What a dirty mess… But I guess it will work anyway.

Ready for planting.

I have planted two tomato plants, one ‘Nemador’ and one ‘Ikarus’, both organic.

This year I’ll try to annoy any killer slugs that might want to slaughter the tomato plants. I’ve read that the slugs don’t like to crawl on copper, so I’ll check if it’s the same for aluminium. Hopefully, this will make them turn around and go away.

I’m adding a cage to provide support for the tomato plants as they grow taller.

I have attached the support to the ceiling using bamboo sticks and several cable ties.

The bamboo sticks are going all the way to the bottom of the growing bag, through the top, so that the support can’t move sideways and fall of the bag.

I’m adding aluminium foil to the self-watering boxes in the driveway too, to keep any killer slugs away.

It doesn’t look pretty but it’s not that bad. It will soon be covered by foliage.

The Hokkaido pumpkin has germinated and is sending up a small shoot.

I found this guy under the apple tree, but I don’t think he’s interested in the potato plants.

It’s a burgundy snail, but he’ll be escorted out of the potato bed anyways.

The potato plant in the coming potato tower is looking great and healthy. So far, so good, without any killer slugs nearby.

The small apples on the apple tree are looking good too.

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