Planting Hokkaido Pumpkin Seeds in Self-watering Boxes

Uuh, a present from 2019! I’m wondering what it is.

Actually, I know:

Hokkaido pumpkin seeds! And they’re very well preserved.

Let’s find out what they’re capable of when they are exposed to a self-watering box. I’m planting three seeds in each hole to make sure I’m left with at least one healthy plant.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to pull up the two weaker ones at some point.

I’m going for one plant in each hole.

I’m starting the germination process by adding water from the top and covering the soil again with black plastic. The seeds won’t need light for the germination, only heat and water.

The box to the left is loaded with hokkaido seeds, and the box to the right is waiting for strawberry plants until I get hold of these.

This is my potato tower experiment to the right of the self-watering boxes. There’s actually a very small potato leaf sticking through the soil, but it can’t be seen on the picture yet.

The potato plants beneath the apple tree have grown a lot since I checked last time, so it’s time to earth up.

Looks like we’ll be harvesting apples this year, unlike last year with only five apples on the entire tree.

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