Setting up Two Self-watering Boxes

This is a good spot for two self-watering boxes – or even three. The potato tower is being built to the right.

This is at the end of a long driveway.

The end of the driveway is packed with wild strawberry, that will have to be moved to another place. I’ll move them to the top of the grey wall.

The driveway is apparently the perfect place for these wild strawberries. I think there’s a lot of water in the “soil” here.

The ground is supposed to have been compacted here, but I guess it’s not the case.

How often do you see wild strawberry outmatch ivy??

I’m loosening the soil so I can carefully move the wild strawberries to another spot. “Luckily” it’s raining today, so the plants will get an easy start.

All the wild strawberries have been moved to the top of the grey wall.

I moved the plants in batches of around five plants per batch. The soil is moist due to the rain so that’s perfect.

How is this even possible? I just did a very quick levelling.

The other way is just as off as expected.

There’s a plastic bag inside each self-watering box. This is probably only necessary if the box is placed on a surface that would be damaged if the water leaks out.

The first one has been set up. One left.

Boom. Did it again. Somehow.

The box will cover the ugly crack in the wall.

Still no sign of the potato plant.

The flowers on the apple tree have almost all been replaced by green leaves.

Beneath the apple tree the potato plants have finally emerged and are being welcomed with a shower of apple flowers.

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