First Pictures From My New Garden

The dust has finally settled after our move from the old house to the new rented house, but there’s still a lot of things that need to be cleaned up, sorted and put into the right place.

Unfortunately, the space I had in my old 30 m2 (320 ft2) garage shrinked to a small 4 m2 shed, WITHOUT a ceiling and holes to the outside in the bottom of the shed. The good thing about moving things from the old to the new was that I was forced to throw out a lot of old crap, especially old packaging, which I had been too lazy to throw away. Old cardboard, glass, bottles and plastic. Gosh!… You lazy dog.
Somehow, I have now packed all 30 m2 into the new shed and locked it with a  padlock:

Then I just need some shielding from the weather – and squirting male cats. I’m a bit annoyed about the fact that my compost shredder smells like pee.

But apparently all these things are not enough so I just bought a rotovator, a  Texas Lilli 532TG, that I need to assemble one of these days. And it ALSO  smells like pee already. Hopefully it’ll start to smell like gasoline and soil soon:

I have begun working in the garden, but I’m skating on rotten apples, partly because the three old apple trees are huge, and partly because it has been about 100 years since anyone lived here. Or maybe only 100 days, I’m not quite sure:

The neighbour keeps horses and tells me that he wants to keep bees again, so I feel more at home than ever before (thanks LoA 😉 ) And oh, the opposite neighbour even keeps donkeys. That would definitely not work out in the old neighbourhood. Nothing bad said about that place but I just want to try experiencing something completely different now.

When I’m not spending time comforting our toddler, because she slipped and fell in rotten apples, then I’m planning the kitchen garden and digging stones out of the lawn. It looks like the previous tenants set up a relatively large  greenhouse in the spot where there’s the most sun in the garden. You can tell from all the stones that emerge from the lawn:

They’ll damage the rotovator, so they must go. I’m curious to find out if other interesting things will emerge  from the ground when I get the beast fired up.

I’m still considering how much space I will cultivate this year. There’s definitely enough space. There is a huge lawn from the back of the house and down to the stream, although with a crazy slope:

I’ve read advice that says 10 m2 (110 ft2) per person or 25 m2 (270 ft2) per person, and if it has to be top notch – 50 m2 (540 ft2) per person, but I do realize that if I reserve 50 m2 per person, i.e.. 200 m2 (2200 ft2) for the family (and it’s already too much, since the two are toddlers), I’m afraid that I can’t take good care of such a large area, so right now I am inclined to choose a 100 m2 garden and perhaps that’s even too ambitious. At the old place I cultivated up to 30 m2, so it will be approximately 3 times larger. But I’m a healthy boy. And then some kind of fence around the garden to keep the kids out, and we’re back in business!

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