New Pond


Now what does a pond have to do with growing food? Well there’s no direct connection unless you grow rice, but that’s not what’s on my mind 😉
We’ve got a slug problem here – a big one. Killer slugs, Spanish slugs, Arion Lusitanicus or whatever you call them, they’re all over the place. I’m able to collect at least 30 every night, and they’re hungry. They eat lettuce, tomatoes, tagetes, you name it. And the tagetes are needed to distract other pests, so this is not good.
But it’s actually not a slug problem – it’s a duck problem, because there’s not enough ducks around to eat the slugs. So I’m calling in the frogs. At least they will eat some of the slug eggs, provided that the cats don’t eat the frogs. That’s whole different story. And a gross one too 😐

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