I took a closer look at the grapevine today; they are starting to put out buds. It’s great to see that they are still alive, as they are only one year old. What is not great is the soil, its very dry and full of clay. I don’t know what is going on this property 😉 It will definitely take some years before we have healthy mould to grow in, provided that we leave all our vegetable scraps in the composting box. (If you want more organic waste for you compost, just ask friends and family you trust, if you can have their waste. Admitted, it’s gross. But what do you want the most – steril hands or great vegetables?)
I decided to give the grape trees a good start of the year with water from the new rainwater tank. 150 litres were collected so pressure was beginning to build up. It is a strange feeling to look at the gathering clouds thinking “Yes! More water.”, instead of the usual complaining. It took only 5 seconds to fill up a 10 litres bucket from this big tank. I watered each grapevine with 20 litres in 2 minutes. This is nice 😉 Now let’s grow some grapes.

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