Small composting box

Small Composting Box

I’m starting up new beds in the garden this year. The problem we will be facing is that the soil is full of clay. I don’t know why it is that way in this area, but some “healing” needs to be done. Therefore I bought a small plastic box to be used for organic waste and put it next to the sink in the kitchen. We’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and it’s amazing to discover how much of our garbage is able to go into that box and on to the composting box outside in the garden. We eat a lot of vegetables, and the parts we can’t eat get cut off and put in the small box. It’s peels and scrap from onions, carrots, potatoes, apples, leeks etc. So please worms, get up and do your thing so we can have something to mix into the clay later on 😉

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    I was reading some of your articles and when I read this one, about your clay problem,
    it remindwd me of the “Ruth Stout – No Work Garden Book”. This is an amazing book!
    I have experimented with her concepts and it’s so true. If you focused on growing worms
    to add to the straw, leaves, etc. you put on your soil they will work it that much faster.

    This book is no longer in print. However, I do see it in second-hand shops, ebay or online
    from bookstores.

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    @Pam: Thank you for the tip. I believe you’re right.
    I’ll be moving to a new place this weekend and I’m curious about finding out the type of soil in the new garden.
    I see the book is available on

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