Home-grown Food For One Year

I kept all of our grocery receipts for 31 days in order to make a qualified guess on how much we would need to produce if we were to become self-sufficient and living from home-grown food. I multiplied the numbers by 12 to make an estimate for a year of food consumption. It was quite an eye opener… Here are the numbers for two persons for one year. These are the things that we have a decent shot at making ourselves:

659 pieces of fruit (apple, pear, orange, etc.)
200 tomatoes
141 cans of tomato puree
141 onions
94 cans of chopped tomatoes
71 small French loafs
71 peppers (capsicum)
59 litres of fruit syrup
47 packages of rye bread
35 bottles of ketchup
24 glasses of beetroot
24 cans of white beans

It seems like we should be focusing on growing tomatoes 😉 (or be more creative in our choice of food).

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