Low Impact Living

The Self-Sufficient Gardener

Once you taste fresh picked fruits or just harvested vegetables from the garden there’s no turning back. It’s a whole other world than the pesticide covered pumped up things transported on stinking trucks for days. If you want to learn more about growing your own stuff I recommend “The Self-Sufficient Gardener” by John Seymour. It’s amazing how much knowledge he managed to get into that book, from soil analysis to bee-keeping. He wrote a lot of other books on self-sufficiency, but for now this is the only one that has managed to find its way to me. It has even been translated to Danish.

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    Wow, nice one Mike!! 😀
    But how did it get in there? I thought it was copyrighted… Never mind, it works 😉 and what else do you need in this age of tablet computers…

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