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Dried-Up Tomato Plant

Okay, here we go again: Another dried-up self-watering box. I have seen this before but apparently I haven’t learn the lesson yet. You need to place your self-watering boxes on something solid if you want to be sure that nothing grows through the bottom, perforating the box and destroying its ability to contain water. It

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Tomato Experiment Using Self Watering Grow Boxes

I’m doing a tomato growing experiment to show the effects of using growbags on top of self-watering polystyrene boxes. That gives me two parameters to work with, soil quality and water amount, that I can combine like this: Photo number / case: Garden soil Growbag soil Natural watering by rain 1 2 Self-watering box 3

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The Wonders of a South Facing Wall

The conditions at my south facing wall are perfect for food production just like last year. I’ve added 3 new self-watering boxes and supported each plant with a couple of bamboo sticks held together with plastic ties and then again mounted under the roof of the garage. The tomato plants are doing well with lots

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