Got Worms?

Composting boxes

Yesterday I decided to move the compost bin as part of the bigger plan we made for the garden. It has been standing in the same spot for about 1½ year and it was like reading a story when it was turned over. There were very distinct layers down through the pile, some layers almost finished turning into mould and some layers looking like they were left there a few days ago.
My point is that you should try to mix the garden waste as much as possible and make sure that the pile is wet enough. It’s like a living thing that will get hot when it is transforming waste properly. In the bottom I found hundreds of sticks of bamboo, perfectly preserved. I think they acted as a very good barrier from the soil beneath, so that the worms couldn’t spread upwards in the pile. Not the intention at all. Doh! It seems like a good idea to turn the pile even though it will take half a day. If the alternative is no mould at all I guess there’s really no choice.
My girlfriend started building a fireplace in the ground so that we will have a nice place to gather around at night. Mostly for fun but it will also rid us of the big braches from the trees which are unfit for the compost bin. It would be nice to have an axe to cut up the smaller brances for composting. I found long branches in the old pile and it’s hard to work with so branches should be cut to about 5 cm max.

Low Impact Living

The Self-Sufficient Gardener

Once you taste fresh picked fruits or just harvested vegetables from the garden there’s no turning back. It’s a whole other world than the pesticide covered pumped up things transported on stinking trucks for days. If you want to learn more about growing your own stuff I recommend “The Self-Sufficient Gardener” by John Seymour. It’s amazing how much knowledge he managed to get into that book, from soil analysis to bee-keeping. He wrote a lot of other books on self-sufficiency, but for now this is the only one that has managed to find its way to me. It has even been translated to Danish.

Growing Food


Here’s a list of the vegetables and fruits I’ll be growing in my garden:

It’s a live list so more will be added. I live in Denmark and I have already managed to grow carrots, squash, peas, radish, lettuce and spices. This year I’m looking forward to see if the peach tree will bear fruit. Last year we had a tremendous amount of apples from four old apple trees. I need to find a better way to store them though, there’s no need to feed the worms straight from the tree 😉

Where do you live and what will you be growing?