Garden Tour – Week 35 – 2020

It’s amazing how much these two potatoes have grown. They look like they really like the self-watering boxes, with all the water and nutrients they would ever need.

It might be difficult to see in the picture, but the leaves are actually beginning to turn a bit yellow near the stems. It turned out that the box was almost empty so I quickly added another 20 litres of water with nutrients.

I’ll come back later and fill up the box completely.

The main stems are growing sideways and new shoots are going upwards. There are a few nearly dissolved slug pellets on the soil.

Although we are getting closer to the end of the season the potato plants are starting to flower. Hopefully there will be fruits too.

The Hokkaido pumpkin is also thriving although it’s late in the season. The killer slugs harvested everything in this box month after month, and this is the sole survivor.

It looks like the killer slugs ate too many slug pellets, because I haven’t seen them for a while now.

This potato tower is looking really promising. One of the stems grew so big that it fell over.

It would be so cool if this works and there are potatoes inside the concrete tower from top to bottom. It would be very easy to scale this idea and set up several towers in the driveway.

I have only watered it once.

This is beginning to look like a carrot bed.

The tomato plants are looking promising too.

A rainbow right outside the window. How about that?

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