Potatoes from Seeds Still Growing Strong

This is the spot in the lawn where my small potato bed was located two years ago. I was going through the concrete blocks one by one looking for germinated flower seeds, and I stumbled on one of life’s little miracles where the two sticks are placed.

It turns out that two of my tiny potato tubers have survived for two year in the lawn, and they are now shooting up and reaching for the light! I thought I had moved all the tubers to my potato tower experiment last year, which didn’t go very well at all, but luckily these two guys are going strong in the lawn and carrying on the genes from my potato seed saving experiment, which started several years ago.

Oh, the excitement! I thought I had lost each and every potato to killer slugs and a stupid mole.

This small potato plant even had to compete with ivy, and it won the race to reach the light. That’s promising for the genes it’s carrying and I’ll be looking very carefully after these two new plants.

After all, we are dealing with two completely new types of potatoes here, since these have been grown from collected potato seeds, extracted from potato fruits (yes – that’s actually a thing!).

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