Planting Extra Potatoes under the Apple Tree

The flowers on the apple tree are in full bloom. The tree grows on a steep hill in the backyard.

In fact, most of the backyard is one steep hill. There’s not much space for growing food since there are many areas in the shade.

The sky has a very beautiful blue color. I imagine it’s because of the missing pollution due to the missing airplanes, that have been grounded because of the corona pandemic.

I hope that this year’s last freezing temperatures won’t reach the flowers on the apple tree. Last year was a disaster, with only a handful of apples on the entire tree!

I heard from other people that they saw the same in other parts of the country (Denmark). Hopefully this year will be much better in terms of apple production.

The bumblebees are working hard to pollinate this incredible amount of flowers. Can you spot one in the picture?

I’m sneaking in a row of potatoes beneath the apple tree. I’ll just loosen the soil a bit.

I’m looking forward to seeing the small green plants emerge!

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