Installing Grow Lights

Two and a half months ago I planted a single potato in a pot just for fun:

A month ago small leaves broke the soil and in the last month the potato plant grew like crazy:

Now this is not a normal looking potato plant – the problem is that the pot has been placed indoors without much sunlight. Therefore the plant is stretching for the light and the stem gets too weak to hold its own weight .

I have a couple of other potato tubers with small shoots sticking out of the ends ready to be planted. The best shoot length is about 1 cm (0.4 inch) because if they are allowed to grow longer the shoots will be weak and are likely to break off during planting :

I have these cool racks with shelves that I’m planning on using for germination and raising seedlings. A couple of pots with strawberry plants are already placed on one of the top shelves:

To keep the plants from stretching their stalks to reach more sun I have installed a grow light neon tube. I bought the neon tube more than a year ago because I wanted to raise seedlings in my garage but I never managed to install it. Now I’m finally setting it up:

“The light tailor-made for your plants” 😉 (L=1200 mm / Ø=26 mm)

This is the Sylvania Gro-Lux 36 watts grow light in action:

The neon tube casing is just resting on top of the racks with the top shelves removed:

I don’t know how close to the plants the grow light has to be to get the best growth, but I’ll probably have to install some wires in the ceiling to be able to move the light up and down.

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