Building a Chicken Coop – Part 18

The weather is still unstable and it’s no fun getting all my tools out and freeing the chicken coop from the tarpaulin protection just when the rain starts pouring down. I did manage to find a hole in the clouds and mount the roosting hatch though:

I went to the DIY shop to buy screws for the hinges but I couldn’t find any that were both short and thick so I ended up sawing the end off those I already had, with a blade from a hacksaw:

I’m sick and tired of this weather and this project standing still, but fortunately the weather forecast is looking good now. I need some clear days to be able to paint the whole thing. I still need to mount the egg hatch, the window, the chicken door and the main door in the side before painting, but hopefully the weather will be better now.

Now excuse me while I go and put on my raincoat 😛

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