Mulching My Garden Beds

Once a week I mow the lawn and I often use the grass clippings as mulch on my beds. Leaves and small sticks collected by the lawnmower can be used too:

A bed of leeks has been prepared this way:

When you have a layer of mulch the weeds have a hard time reaching the light and won’t take over your beds. This is my old cauliflower and broccoli bed, and as you can see the weeds are forced to grow around the edges of the bed instead:

And that’s just because I’m lazy – the weeds could easily be removed from the pathways.

In the strawberry beds the layer of mulch has been effective too:

The idea of mulching is something I picked up from Lynn Mentgen-Gillespie when I read her ebook about cinder block gardens.

Mulch also keeps the moisture in the soil but I don’t think there have been any problems with drought around here this year, in fact just the opposite, which is why the blight has been thriving. This is how it starts on tomatoes – small brown spots, growing bigger and bigger:

until the tomatoes are ready to be thrown into the thrash:

I just hope I’ll get a few ripe tomatoes this year, from 17 plants(!) but I’m beginning to have some doubts:

At least the cucumber plants are doing fine. I found this little guy taking a sunbath on one of the leaves:

Please leave a comment below if you know the species, or want to share your thoughts.

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