Saving Arugula Seeds

Last year I saved seeds from spinach and the seeds turned into healthy plants. This success inspired me to look at other plants that I could do the same with, so after a nice harvest of arugula leaves for salads I let the plants bolt. What a mess:

Pods with seeds have been formed that look like this:

Below on the left you’ll find a bunch arugula plants ready for drying along with spinach plants on the right:

I’ll let the plants hang there until they are completely dry. Maybe I’ll have to put a bag below the arugula plants if the seeds starts falling out of the pods after a while. The spinach seeds will stay on the stems, that’s for sure. It will actually take some work to pick off the seeds.

Much of my garden bed space is free at the moment as several crops have been harvested, including peas, spinach, arugula, carrots and potatoes. I have now prepared this space with seeds for green manure plants: Buckwheat, Crimson clover and common vetch:

I’ll have to reserve some bed space for new strawberry plants as the old plants are growing like crazy at the moment sending out runners in all directions:

I plan on planting these new small plants in their own bed and harvest strawberries from them next year. Hopefully I’ll be able to harvest berries from the old plants too, but if I won’t I’m counting on these new cloned plants.

The wind is still strong here and the apples keep falling of the trees but it turned out to be a bad idea to put the apples in a pile due to wasps thinking they own the place. Besides, the kids like to play with the apples in the pile – yuck:

The potatoes and tomatoes hit by blight looks nasty too and all of it will go into the garbage can to minimize the spread of blight:

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