Wind and Blight

I came out yesterday and found more of my corn plants loosing the battle against the heavy wind we are experiencing at the moment around here. The meteorologists say it’s not unusual at this time of the year but I’m noticing the wind because it’s damaging many of my plants, especially since I was convinced that this new garden was far better shielded against the wind. I guess I have to improve the protection against the wind next year as this has been a problem for me every year.

I have tried to rescue the rest of my corn plants that are still standing with poles hammered into the ground as a support structure:

As usual, the lazy man’s way to solve trellis problems in the garden – cable binders 😀 :

A better solution would have been using old seat belt – or even better: Protection against the wind.

My bean trellis was not strong enough either, as it collapsed when the pressure from the wind increased:

It’s difficult to imagine that this was once a bean trellis but check out this post to see the original structure: Building a Better Bean Trellis

Somehow I managed to rescue the trellis and you might even be able to find some beans in the picture:

Fortunately my tomato plants are well protected against the wind because they are close to the concrete wall, but then they were hit by blight – nobody said this would be easy 😉 . I have tried to do some damage control by removing most of the affected leaves and fruits. Now there’s not much foliage left to do the work but hopefully the plants will be able to cope anyway.

They remind me of my old tomato plants in my old garden. I didn’t prune them because of blight though, but because I wanted the sun to be able to reach the tomatoes. Now I’m not sure what’s more important – foliage or direct sunlight. I just know what we all want: Tasty juicy tomatoes, blight or not.

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