How to Harvest Sea Buckthorn

This is Magnus showing the most efficient way to harvest sea buckthorn. Well, he doesn’t exactly harvest the berries, but he only takes away the raw juice, which is good because he doesn’t harm the buckthorn shrubs:
Part 1:
[media id=5 width=500 height=395]
Part 2:
[media id=6 width=500 height=395]
You can read more about his equipment here.
Thanks goes to Dorte for recording the videos!

4 comments on “How to Harvest Sea Buckthorn

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    I’d love it if you could post more details about how your relative made his Buckthorn juice squeezer. Looks like a brilliant contraption!

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    Andy, I’ve sent an email to Magnus, asking for more details – and yes, it works very well!

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    Thanks Thomas! We went out again last week, to an area of dunes in the Vale of Glamorgan near where I live in Wales, and harvested by pruning some branches from lots of bushes. Takes ages to cut each berry off with little scissors.
    We also tried freezing half of our harvest, and will post about whether this is an easier method when we can face getting more pin-pricks in our hands! 😉
    I’d love to try and make a version of what Magnus uses, but I fear that it’d be hard without detailed instructions. I’m not very handy, unfortunately.

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