Tomato and Cucumber Plant Spacing

Three tomato plants without fruits, growing in a self-watering polystyrene box

Planting three tomato plants in one grow bag creates a mess, although the self-watering boxes are prepared for three plants having three internal tubes reaching down into the water.

When you’re dealing with cucumber plants it’s even too much with two plants in each grow bag:

One cucumber plant and two tomato plants growing in one self-watering polystyrene box

One cucumber plant in each grow bag is a better solution.

Last year I did in fact only plant two tomato plants in each grow bag, with a good result. Here’s a picture from last year:

Two tomato plants with almost no leaves but plenty of fruit, growing in one self-watering polystyrene box

The tomato plant spacing in cm was 50.

I’m building up my courage to try and grow tomatoes without the self-watering boxes and just grow them directly in the ground. I guess the boxes are not old school enough for me after all 😉

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    What an awesome blog! Simple, uncluttered and highly informative. Great job! Stumbling it right now.

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    Thank you Liz for your kind words and the stumble!

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    What kind of tomato plant is in the last picture? It looks amazing!

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