The Wonders of a South Facing Wall

The conditions at my south facing wall are perfect for food production just like last year. I’ve added 3 new self-watering boxes and supported each plant with a couple of bamboo sticks held together with plastic ties and then again mounted under the roof of the garage. The tomato plants are doing well with lots of sun and water and protected from the wind:

Small grapes are starting to form:

I was excited when I managed to grow tomatoes last year without a greenhouse. Temperatures in this area are normally in the range -3 to 20 deg. C (27 to 68 deg. F) so I didn’t expect it to be easy. This year I bought a couple of cucumber plants from a nursery just for fun and one of the plants is actually putting out small fruits now 😀

I’m looking forward to see if they’ll mature. I’m probably too lazy to put up a greenhouse, at least in this heat. It’s 32 deg. C (90 deg. F) outside as I write this. Kinda unusual around here but good for the plants.

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