How To Clean Up Your Garage


Ah, this is what you want, more than 80% of the floor is visible. The energy flows and it’s way easier to get something done when you have space to operate. At the moment I need space to build and prepare projects for the next year in the garden.

But why is it so hard to clean up? I mean, just do it, right?

I always had a problem earlier, where I would go into the garage, or any other room for that matter, full of energy and ready to kick some garbage. I would look at thing and go yes, this I definitely need to keep. And then on to the next thing, also a keeper. And this one needs to go into the garbage… garbage… keep. And hey, what is this? Ah, I forgot I still kept this one. Ah, what memories. And this one, sweet memories.

I could go on like this for half an hour, maybe even move stuff around. Around this time my eyes would return to the very first thing I looked at, when I started “cleaning up” the garage or room, and realize, that I didn’t actually clean anything up, not even in my mind. And it was all in the mind. Then it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged and just quietly close the door and go back to watching TV hoping that the mess will go away by itself. But it doesn’t. 😉

Garage Mess

I found another way that works every time. Of course it’s best to have a habit of keeping the floor or room free from too much stuff or mess, but sometimes it gets out of hand. Free space has some kind of magnetic attraction on things, whether it’s useful stuff or just garbage. In these cases this method can be useful:

1. Allocate some free floor area in another room or outside, at least as big as the room you will be cleaning up. Yes, this is often hard to find.

2. Divide this free area into four new areas:

  • Keep
  • Sell
  • Charity
  • Trash


3. Start emptying the messy room one thing at a time. The rule is that once you have picked up a thing you’re only allowed to put it down in one of the four areas. No cheating, make the decision and move on to the next thing, and empty the whole room.

4. Clean the empty room

5. Put the things from the “Keep” area back and organize them just the way you like it. Now there’s room to do it properly.

6. Rid yourself from the rest of the stuff, i.e. sell, charity or trash.

7. Start a new project that needs a lot of floor space. Or go watch TV. You deserve it 😉

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