Garden Air Temperature

Temperature graph for a day

I got my small NSLU2 computer up and running and it’s generating graphs from the garden. At the moment only the air temperature near the house is logged. The spikes in the graphs I believe is due to direct sunlight hitting the temperature sensor. I will build a shield over the sensor to prevent this. The sensor needs to be moved away from the house to get a more accurate reading.

The NSLU2 is running Debian on a 4 GB USB flash memory. I’m using a 1-wire system for the sensors together with the owfs software. rrdtool is used for generating graphs.

Here’s a script for generating the rrdtool database:

and a script for generating graphs:

Are you building your own temperature logging system? Using the NSLU2 computer, or owfs? Please leave a comment and tell a little about what your are working on.

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    Very impressive work! I am the author of owfs — can I feature your work on our website as an example application?

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    @Paul: Sure, that would be great, thanks! I must say that owfs is easy to use once you know what to do. I’m looking forward to adding more 1-wire devices. I’m adding a soil temperature sensor, a moisture sensor and a rain collector to the system. I need to know when to plant them potatoes 😉

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    I have some difficulties to installa OWFS to my NSLU2 running debian lenny. Apt-get won’t find owfs and I’m not familiar to update packets list. Any ideas how to install OWFS?

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    Thanks for you scripts. Now my Raspberry Pi is logging and doing graps at my site. At first I did have little problems of reading temperatures correctly. I did change reading of 1-wire temperature sensor to following format.

    temp=$(cat /mnt/1wire//temperature | tr -d ‘ ‘)

    br Kimmo

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    @Kimmo: I’m glad you found a solution. I want a Raspberry Pi for the kitchen garden (or several 😉 ) The NSLU2 was popular in 2006, and probably not available to most people today…

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