9 Ways To Fight Killer Slugs

Killer Slug

  1. Collect them late in the evening and boil them for a quick death
  2. Put out iron phosphate that will make them sick when they eat it
  3. Use copper strips to form a keep-out barrier around beds
  4. Construct an angled fence around your beds
  5. Put out crushed eggshells which they will not cross
  6. Cut them in half with a pair of scissors
  7. Infect the killer slugs with nematodes
  8. Keep a group of frogs to eat the slug eggs
  9. Raise ducks to feed on the slugs

Other ideas? Please post them in the comments.

7 comments on “9 Ways To Fight Killer Slugs

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    I am still just uberly grossed out by the size of those slugs! I have to say tho, my favorite of your suggestions is the cutting in half with scissors! For some reason, that gave me a good laugh this morning!

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    Yeah that works too. And then the cat rolled herself around in the guts by accident. Then I told her “Stupid cat”. She just replied “Stupid human”. Then we went on with our own business, licking slug guts out the fur and cutting remaining slugs in half. Yees, we have fun all right 😉

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    put out a bowl of beer. they like it so much they drown in it.

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    @wanda: I guess I have to try that one soon. Slow death, but what at way to go… I’m sure Homer Simpson would be excited. 😉

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    what about some salt? I use regular salt when snails attack my garden, I sprinkled some around the garden and they just die

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    @Miriam: Yeah, that works too and was frequently used by my old neighbours. Every night during the summertime I would be able to find those two old people outside in the dark, armed with a flash light and a can of salt, hunting slugs 😉 The slugs are more active at night, since they won’t dry out in the sun then.
    I know it sounds a bit silly, but I don’t like using salt, being vegan and all that. But it works – just don’t overdo it, as the chemical balance of the soil is disturbed.

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