10 Reasons Why You Should Use Raised Beds

Raised Bed

1. Easy for the roots to go down
The soil stays loose because you only walk on the space between the raised beds.

2. It’s hard on the weeds
The plants grow so close, that there’s not enough light for the weeds to grow in between the plants.

3. Moisture is maintained
A microclimate is developed under the leaves.

4. Good drainage
It’s easier to control the soil so you have the texture you want.

5. Planting season is extended
The soil temperature doesn’t follow the ground temperature

6. No erosion
Your soil stays in place during heavy rain

7. Grow plants on difficult sites
You can build your bed on rock or concrete if you want to.

8. Good for your back
Raised beds can be build waist high to spare your back when working in the garden.

9. Easier to work with in bad weather
Your walking lanes are still accessible after heavy rain.

10. Raised beds are pretty
It adds bling-bling to your garden.

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